Wednesday , April 24 2024

Create Flashback Data Archive

In today’s article, we will learn how to create a flashback archive that allows you to automatically track and archive transaction data changes.

1. We query the existing datafiles and which tablespace they belong to.

2. We create a new tablespace to hold the Historical Data.

3. We create Flashback Data Archive.

4. We select the table to be archived.

5. Some updates are made in 2 tables, FDA and non-FDA.

6. We check whether the data is received by making queries from FDA and non-FDA tables.

7. It is checked again after a few days and the result is observed.

8. Undo_Retention parameter is checked.

Even though it was 15 minutes, it was brought from UNDO. We will check again later.

9. We get information about FDA from Dictionary Views.



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