Friday , July 19 2024

Table Move And Shrink

In this article, we will discuss in detail the table Move processes and how Shrink operations are performed.

Sometimes we may need to move a table to another tablespace. For example, we may want to do Shrink operation.

However, in order to perform the shrink operation, the “SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT” value of the table must be AUTO.

Therefore, the table can be moved to another tablespace whose “SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT” value is AUTO.

For example, in order to shrink a table, the steps to be done in the table are as follows.

1. Row moving is activated in the table.

2. Shrink is desired.

3. The “SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT” value of the table is learned.

4. Since it is manual, the table is moved to another tablespace.

5. The “SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT” value is learned again.

6. We do the shrink process.

We can also narrow down the index segments used by the table by using the word “CASCADE”.

If we do not want the table’s “High-Water Mark” to be readjusted,



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