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How to Start Oracle Database Automatically When Linux Server Is Started

  In this article, I will share linux scripts with you for staring database automatically when operating system is started. My environment is: Oracle database on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.5 First of all, we must set Oracle environment variables in a profile file. [crayon-5c6e8caeac676427100718/] This script must be run as a OS service so, […]
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HANA DB Replication Installation

  Greetings, In this paper, I will describe the Replication structure and installation stages of the HANA Database, which is the HA (High Availability) feature. Before proceeding with the installation, it is necessary to mention the replication and operation modes. 3 different replication modes, Synchronous, Synchronous in Memory, Asynchronous There are 2 different operation modes […]
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Mysql Database Backup Using Percona Xtrabackup (Automated Bash Script)

  Below is the simple script for taking non-blocking Mysql physical backup using percona xtrabackup toolkit. This backup is encrypted using AES256 algorithm. [crayon-5c6e8caeacda2960417504/]   –extra-lsndir:  save an extra copy of the xtrabackup_checkpoints and xtrabackup_info files in this directory.It can be used for the purpose of incremental backup   Backup can be decypt using below command –  […]