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GRANT, REVOKE and DENY Commands in SQL Server(TSQL)

You can use GRANT, REVOKE, and DENY commands on many database objects in SQL Server. With the GRANT command, you can authorize a user. With the REVOKE command, you can revoke a given authorization. With the DENY command, you can deny an authorization. In this article we will examine where we can use these commands. […]
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role “x” cannot be dropped because some objects depend on it

  If you want to delete the PostgreSQL user, we can get the error “role x can not be dropped because some objects depend on it”. You can find the display of the error below.   In order to remove the user without receiving this error, you must first revoke the user authority as follows. […]
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Why PostgreSQL Allows Non-Privileged Users To Create Tables?

  If you grant users the right to connect in a database, they can create a table under the default schema, the public schema. It was weird when I first heard about it. They will probably limit it in the future. This is still the case in version 10.0. You must revoke the permission granted […]