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How To Create a FileSystem on ZFS(ZFS Mount Point)

When we create filesystem on ZFS, mount process happens by default and mount point created. This mount point can then be mounted on the linux server.

Connect To ZFS

First connect to ZFS with the root user and go to Shares / SHARES tabs and choose one of the pools you see below. You should choose the pool you want to create mount point on. All pools defined on ZFS will appear here.

Create a ZFS Filesystem

Then click on the + sign in the rectangle below to create the ZFS Filesystem.

On the screen below, we give a name to the mount point from name section as follows.

There is an empty area in the mount point in the following screenshot. In here, you should write the nfs share name of the pools defined in your system.

You can ask the previous DBAs or those who have performed the installation.

And finally, write 1000 and 1001 to the user and group parts.

When we click APPLY, we will have created the filesystem and mount point.

To mount this mount point on linux you may want to read the article “How To Mount and Unmount ZFS Mount Points to Exadata“.


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