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How To Add an Oracle Database To The Cloud Control(OEM)

Oracle databases need to be added to oracle cloud control as a target in order to be able to monitor and manage them through Oracle Cloud Control.

I will explain how to add an oracle database to the oracle cloud control in this article.

Add Target

First we are connecting to the Oracle Cloud Control and choose Setup-> Add Target-> Add Targets Manually from the top right corner of the screen as below.

We select “Add Targets Using Guided Process” on the screen.

In the Target Types section, select Oracle Database, Listener and Automatic Storage Management and click “Add Using Guided Process ….”

We select the cluster on which the database on the cluster will be added to the screen and click select.

On the following screen, we select the option “all hosts in the cluster” and click next.

Resource Dedection

At this stage, we are waiting a little bit for the resources to be detected, and then a screen like the following appears.

On this screen, we enter the password of the dbsnmp user and click test connection and proceed to next.

if you do not know the password of the dbsnmp user, you can change its password using the article named “How To Change The Password Of The Oracle User“.


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