How To Run Backup Job Manually On Oracle


First, We connect to the node that the database is running with ssh.

We see a list of backup jobs with the following command.


Then we load the database’s profile.

The following command deletes the nohup file holding the last running job’s log. (to not see the history of the old job jobs)


You can run the job with the following command.

When a job runs, a nohup file is created.

Because we terminated it with &, the job will continue to work even when our session is closed.

In the script below you should write the directory where your backup scripts are located in the section /u01/script.


You can read the nohup file with the following command.


The following command lists the running rman sessions.


In the path specified in the job with the following parameter, you can find the log file for the job.


And you can read this log file as follows.

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