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Oracle Password Expired Error


In this article, I will show you how to change users’ password expire policy. By default, all created users in Oracle Database will be expired in periodic times. Password expired settings are defined in SQL Profiles.
You can list expired user by executing below command.


As you see, “OCINAR” user had expired. I do not want this user be expired again. So, I will list “OCINAR” profile and change password_life_time parameter to “UNLIMITED”.


“OCINAR” user’s profile is DEFAULT. By changing password_life_time parameter to UNLIMITED, all users defined to DEFAULT profile will not be expired again. I recommend you to create new profile and change user’s profile to the new profile. However, in this example, I will change DEFAULT profile, and all users will be affected with this parameter.


“OCINAR” user is still expired. I need to activate the user by changing the user password, so it will not be expire again. There should be a password after “identified by”. In our script, the password is ocinar.


Now, “OCINAR” is active and can connect database again. It will not be expired again.


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