How To Change the Size of Redo Log Files


In order to change the size of the Redolog files, it is necessary to create redolog files of the desired size and drop the existing redolog files. There is no process like Resize.

Let’s assume that there are 4 redo log groups. First, we create new files for 4 groups. If the database is RAC type, the thread counts will change.


We can check the current status with the following queries.


We ensure that new redolog files are used.


We drop old redolog files.


We have given the group numbers of newly created files as 21-22-23-24.

In order to be like before, we will re-create the files with the group numbers 1-2-3-4 and drop 21-22-23-24.

Before you drop the files with the below script, you should make sure that the files you created are used with the help of above script.


It is recommended that you have at least two redolog files in different directories. That’s why we create members in the FRA.

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  1. Great instruction do not forget to clear the redo log file that in use and switch to another redo log file otherwise you’ll can’t drop it.

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