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Step By Step Oracle Apex Installation


I tried to explain the apex installation step by step. Ensure that the Oracle Text component is also installed before you begin the installation. APEX needs this component.

First, tablespaces are created:


Then, creating the APEX_IMAGES virtual directory.

If the database is RAC, the physical directory is being created on all servers.


We give privileges to the virtual directory.




You can log in with admin login information from the following addresses to manage after installation.

http: // sunucu_ip: 7777 / pls / apex
http: // sunucu_ip: 7777 / pls / apex / apex_adm the

You should check the HTTP Port.


Oracle XML DB HTTP Server is not enabled if the query returns 0 (zero). In this case, we are assigning ports with the following query.


Then, when we query APEX from dba_registry, the status must be VALID.


You must add alias in Apache configuration files.


In the above file, alias should be added in the following section.


“/oracle/product/10.2.0/companion/Apache/modplsql/conf/dads.conf” file must have an output similar to the following.


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