Wednesday , May 29 2024

Poor Performance Status on Exadata Cellnode Flash Disks


The status of the Exadata cellnode flash disks may occasionally be poor performance. If the error numbers are 0 (zero) or too low when you look at the details of the disks, you can normalize the status of these disks as below.

We connect to the cell node and run the cellcli command.

[root@oradb1cel01 ~]# cellcli

We list the flash disks that are “poor performance”.


We look into the details of flash disks. It is preferable that the error numbers are 0 (zero).


One by one we return the status of all flash disks to normal.


When you check the physical disks again, you will see that they all return to normal.


Finally, be sure to check the flash cache status.


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