Monday , September 25 2023

ASM Disk Rebalance Error ORA-15041


After ASM disk operations, rebalance operation may end with ORA-15041 error. This error means there is not free space.

When we check the ASM operations, we can see the error.


In this case, the only process is to create free space on the disk group. This error will not occur when we create enough space in the disk group with operations like datafile resize, tablespace drop, and so on.

If enough free space has been created in the disk group after the error is received, we can increase the POWER value of the corresponding disk group to restart the rebalance process.

You can find the details in the article named “How To Increase ASM Rebalance Processing Speed

When you increase the value of POWER again, we will see that the operations continue in 10 parallel and completed succesfuly.


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