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Connect With the Oracle User Whose Password You Don’t Know


If you have DBA privileges, you can connect with that user without knowing a user’s password, then you can set the old password. In this way, the user will not understand that someone else is connected to his / her account. You do not need to connect as sysdba for this operation.

First of all, we will detect the user’s password in an encrypted way. The area that we will use in the future will be the information in the PASSWORD column.


Let’s change the user’s password with a password we want.


Now we can connect to the database with the user we change the password and we can perform the operation we want.


We re-set the old password with the following script. You should write the the old password’s spare value instead of  S:5B3EBB444A10F303D08B160993C2AFF33C7184122F86EF258AD4CC2467A1

The user will not be able to connect with the old password when we do this.


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