Delivering replicated transactions


In the Replication Monitor, you can see a message for a long time in the tab “Distributor to Subscriber History”.

When you see this message, in the Pending commands box on the “Undistributed Commands” tab, you can see that many Transactions have not yet been sent from Distributor to the Subscriber.

This can happen if many new records or major updates are installed on the Publisher side. Just be calm and patient. You will see that all Transactions are transferred over time.

As a precaution, you can also extend the value of the Transaction Retention Period in the Distribution Properties, whose default value is 72 hours.

Thus, you can avoid reinitialization for some subscribers. But after everything is back to normal, I recommend that you bring this value back to its default value, 72 hours.

Ekrem Önsoy
Author: Ekrem Önsoy

The original article was written in Turkish by Ekrem Önsoy and translated to English by dbtut with the consent of the author. The copyright of the article belongs to the author. The author shall not be liable in any way for any defect caused by translation.

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