How To Relink Oracle Binary Files


In some cases, depending on the corruption of the binary files, strange behavior can be observed in the program.

It’s possible to encounter strange problems with sqlplus while everything runs smoothly. If a command does not end normally when you work with Rman and you have to interrupt it with ctrl + c, there is a problem with binary files. In such cases, the binary files must be relinked. Or, if you need to add new features to the existing system, you need to relink. For example, when you convert the singles database to rac.

The binary files will be recreated with the relink process. After the relink process of the binary files, the mode of files named oracle, oracle0 and emtgtctl2 should be 6751 (-rwsr-s 0 x), so the mode will need to be changed. Otherwise, your database may not open.

Relinkable file types:

* .c (source code file)
* .o (object file)
* .a (archived file)
* .so or .sl on HP/UX (PA-RISC) (library files)

Binary relink process:

First, close all services that use the related binary files. Database, enterprise manager etc.

It is possible to relink all binary files with the following command.

Relink command parameters:

  • all
  • oracle
  • network
  • client
  • client_sharedlib
  • interMedia
  • precomp
  • utilities
  • oemagent
  • ldap

The relink process can be done with the make command. This command must be run under the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib directory.

Remember to change the mode of the related files after relinking.

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