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Rman ORA-27086 unable to lock file – already in use


When you try to get a backup with Rman, if you get errors like ORA-27086, ORA-01580, the first place you should check is nfs shares.

If you are trying to create a control file snapshot file on a nfs share, you need to change the nfs mount options.

Unmount the Nfs mounted directory, add “noac” to the mount options, and re-mount it.

During the backup operation with Rman, noac option will be useful if an error is received as follows.


Umount and mount operations:

Perform the umount operation first:

In /etc/fstab, add a line as follows. Change IP and directory information according to your own system. Other options are the necessary options for the Oracle database’s nfs directory.

Perform the mount operation again:


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