How To Move a Datafile in the File System to the ASM Disk Group


Files that are created accidentally or deliberately in the file system in a database that uses ASM often cause problems.

In particular, a file created in the file system on a node in RAC databases will not be seen by the other node, so there will be problems with the operations associated with this datafile.

In this case, a file in the file system can be moved into the ASM disk group by following the steps below.


The relevant tablespace must be offline.


Find the exact path of the datafile in the file system.


We copy the corresponding file into the ASM disk group (+ DATA) with rman.


We’re changing the name of the relavent file with sqlplus.


We set the relevant tablespace online.


Finally, we delete the file in the file system.

When we check all datafiles again, there should be no datafile in the file system.

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