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ACFS-9459 while acfsdrivestate supported command OS version ‘unknown’


For ACFS-9459 errors when you work on ACFS drivers, you can apply the following solution if the version is ‘unknown’.

Do not implement this solution in case of errors other than ‘unknown’. Upgrade the operating system to the supported version for ACFS.

This error is received because of bug 14852156. The error is corrected in version You can apply a patch for the error or you can generate a solution by following the procedure below.

Make a backup of $GI_HOME/lib/

The required change in the file is:

Find the following line in this file.

In this line, change the value “my ($supported) = 0;” to “my ($supported) = 1;”.

When you repeat the process, you will see that it is done smoothly.


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