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ADR Command Interpreter(ADRCI)

ADR Command Interpreter (ADRCI) is a command-line tool in the fault detection infrastructure of Oracle databases.


  • We can see the diagnostic data in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR).
  • We can view Health Monitoring reports.
  • For Oracle Support, we can create packages containing accident and problem information in the form of a zip file.

Fault detection data includes information such as accident and problem descriptions, trace files, dumps , health monitoring reports , alert log records.

Use of ADRCI tool:

To start ;

You can view the related incident homes as follows.

We’re setting home which concerns our database.

List all accidents under this home:

Detailed display is also possible. A detailed display can be provided with the command below.

For detailed information about an accident, we can use the following command.

We can use the following command to display existing problems.

When we open the call for any accidents on the Oracle Support side, they request the package related to the accident. We can create this file as zip in the following steps.

After setting home path for the related database, we list all accidents and determine the id information of the related accident. These processes are described above. Then we create the logical accident package, then physical accident package.

Creating the logical package: We create the package by specifying the Incident ID.

Then we create the physical state of this package. We create the zip file by specifying the directory information to create the files, and the logical packet number with the following command.

It is possible to use the adrci tool in interactive mode as above, and it can also be used in Batch mode.

Using ADRCI in Batch Mode:

It is possible to run in batch mode as follows.

Example commands:

In batch mode, it is possible to run consecutive commands as follows.

You may want to read the below article for deleting trace files, listener logs, alert logs.

How To Delete Trace Files, listener log etc with ADRCI


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