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Exadata cellnode RS-7445 [Serv CELLSRV hang detected] [It will be restarted]


On Exadata cellnodes, the RS-7445 error can be received due to the inability to send heartbeat under overload. This error appears in versions and of the Oracle Exadata Storage Server software.

As a result of the error, the CELLSRV service is restarted by RS. When Cellnode alert.log is examined, errors will be seen as below.

/opt/oracle/cell11.<cellnode_hostname>/trace/alert.log :

To avoid this problem, the heartbeat timeout time between RS and CELLSRV must be increased. By default, the heartbeat value is 6 seconds. You can improve this value by following these steps.

with root;

The following line is added to the $ OSSCONF/cellinit.ora file and services are restarted.


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