Thursday , September 28 2023

How To Change the Cluster interconnect and public interface in RAC databases


In RAC databases, serious cluster wait events are seen, usually due to the low speed of interconnect interfaces. Therefore, after the installation, faster hardware interfaces (such as 10 gig) are added to the hardware.

In addition, bonding configurations can be made for the backup of interfaces after installation. Then the existing interconnect interfaces must also be changed on the cluster side.

The required operations must be performed at the operating system level on all nodes, and all nodes must be accessible through new interfaces.

In the following steps, we have made adjustments to use the bond1 interface in the bonding structure instead of eth1 which is the current interface.

Let’s first query the current situation.

Assume that the name of our new interface is bond1 and the network where it is located is

You must run the following command with root for change.

It is also possible to change the public interface. You can change the public interface as follows.

Let’s check the situation after the change.

Cluster services must be restarted on all cluster nodes after the change. You can do this with the following commands.

You must run the commands with root.


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