Saturday , December 9 2023

How To Move OCR and Vote Disks to Different ASM Disk Groups


Generally, for the Oracle Cluster Registry and Vote Disks, the disk group where the database files are stored is used in RAC Systems.

The need to move OCR and Vote disks to different ASM disk groups arises because we don’t want to be affected by the i / o load in the databases, or we want them to be included in safer disks.

You can follow the steps below to move.

In the following example, OCR and VOTE disks will be moved from the “+ DATA” disk group to the “+ DBFS” disk group.

All operations must be done with root.

Moving OCR:

Check OCR information first:

Include the new disk group to the configuration:

When we check again, both disk groups will be seen:

We delete the group that will not be used from the configuration:

In the last case, it should only be included in the new disk group:

Moving VOTE Disks:

Check VOTE Disks first:

Move to the new disk group:

When we check again, we need to see it is in the new disk group.


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