Monday , September 25 2023

How To Clear Exadata Cell Node Alert History


Events that are automatically recorded when a problem occurs on the Exadata cell node must be cleared when the problem is corrected. The cleaning process can be done automatically and sometimes it is not cleaned automatically. In this case, if you want to send a weekly or daily report, you will be constantly informed about the problem.

You can access detailed information about an event on the cell node via cellcli with the following command:

Use the following command to check if there are any errors on the cellnode:

If no errors are returned, all problems are resolved. In this case, you can clear all relevant event logs. You can use the following command to clean.

Delete Exadata cell node alert history:

If you perform the drop for a single event and if there are other events that are linked to this event, it will fail as follows. Therefore, you have to drop all the events related to the problem at once.

Use the following command to delete all event records:

After deleting all records, no results will be returned in alerthistory.


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