ORA-600 [ktspfhsp-9]


During the insert operation to the tables, ORA-600 [ktspfhsp-9] error is received due to various bugs and corruption in the segments of the table. The error does not occur in all insert operations. It occurs when the intensity increases.

As a solution to the error, the following patches can be applied. It is also possible to fix the problem without patching.

  • Bug 9459285
  • Bug 886522
  • Bug 10625335
  • Bug 14282184

Without patching, you can recreate the existing segments of the table, rebuild the indexes, and generate solutions for the problem.

Re-Create the segments of the table:

When you move the table without specifying tablespace, new segments will be created and the old ones will be dropped.

After that, rebuild will be required for all indexes of the table. The rebuild can be done as follows.

It is good to update the statistics of the table after move. You can update the statistics in the following way.

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