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Why Exadata Disks in “CLOSED” or “IGNORED” Status(v$asm_disk)


Some of the disks may be in CLOSED and IGNORED status when “v$asm_disk” is queried after a broken disk on the Exadata storage is replaced. This is because disks are encountering unexpected problems during automatic drop add operations. This can sometimes cause ORA-600 errors related to LMS and unexpected restart of the instance.

When v$asm_disk is queried as follows, we can see that the disk in the 9th slot on the cell node named orclcel03 has changed.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to add the corresponding disks to the ASM disk groups again with the force option.

The problem will be resolved when the disks are added to the relevant disk groups by using the PATH value in the above query.

Processes must be performed by connecting to the ASM instance as SYSASM.

After adding disks, you can see the status of processes from gv$asm_operation. In order for the Rebalance process to take a short time, it is better to increase the power value of the corresponding disk group. In the example above, the power value is set to 10.


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