Running the Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant (asmca) tool from the command line


We can use the Oracle ASM configuration assistant (asmca) tool via the GUI, or from the command line. In other words, we can run asmcma in slient mode(command line).

We can run asmcma in slient mode as follows:

The commands that are valid in silent mode are:

  • -convertToFlexASM
  • -configureASM
  • -upgradeASM
  • -configureParameter
  • -deleteASM
  • -createDiskGroup
  • -addDisk
  • -createVolume
  • -createACFS

The options that are valid in silent mode are:

  • -help
  • -asmsnmpPassword asmsnmp_password
  • -sysAsmPassword sysasm_password

You can reach the detailed information about the use of Asmca by running it with -help option.

Sample Commands:

List the disks in the DATA disk group:

Add a new disk to the DATA disk group:

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