Friday , July 19 2024

kjzdattdlm: Can not attach to DLM(instance crash)


Because the cluster_interconnects parameter is set incorrectly in the database instances on Exadata, one or more of the instances can be closed with the “kjzdattdlm: Can not attach to DLM” error. The same problem can be seen in ASM instances.

When trying to start instance, an error will be received as follows.

It is possible to see the following errors in the trace file specified in the error:

kjzdattdlm: Can not attach to DLM (LMON up=[TRUE], DB mounted=[FALSE]).

In this case, it is necessary to set the cluster_interconnects parameter to be the “interconnect ip” for all instances in the database and restart the database.

If private network server IPs are as follows;

We can set the cluster_interconnects parameter for the intances as follows:

Then you’ll have to restart the database.



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