INS-35354 error received when RunInstaller is run


On an Oracle RAC server, you may receive an error as follows when you want to create a new database with runinstaller.

INS-35354: The System on Which you are Attempting to Install Oracle RAC is not Part of a Valid Cluster

There are two main reasons for this problem:

The database version you want to create may not be compatible with the grid infrastructure version installed. For example, if there is a grid infrastructure, it will not install the database binary of version. This applies only to RAC systems.

The other reason is that there is no CRS = “true” in the corresponding row in the inventory.xml file for the current grid home. In this case, it is necessary to update grid home in the inventory.xml file to CRS = “true”. Instead of manually changing the inventory.xml, this should be done as follows. Otherwise, problems may occur.

First, you need to detect the oraInventory directory. You can access this information from the /etc/oraInst.loc file.

The grid home, which is not CRS = “true” in the inventory.xml file, can be detected as follows.

For example, if a grid home with a value of LOC = “/u01/app/11.2.0/grid” is not CRS = “true”, it should be updated as follows.

You must do this on all nodes including RAC.

Then open the inventory.xml file and check “CRS = true”.

Database creation with RunInstaller will continue without any problem. If there are problems due to incompatibility, this update will not work.

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