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Oracle 12c DBCA Changes and Create Container Database with DBCA

Changes in DBCA in Oracle 12c

There were some changes in dbca tool in 12c.

Now we can create container and pluggable database with DBCA. You can also create a database without the container by making the createAsContainerDatabase parameter false.

We can specify database opening parameters by specifying name and value with initParams. It should be separated by commas when there is more than one.

You can see all the parameters that can be used with DBCA.

Create a Non-Container Database in DBCA Silent Mode

Create a Container Database in DBCA Silent Mode

Note: When specifying fra with recoverareadestination, you must type “+” at the beginning, as follows.

The value you set for the db_recovery_file_dest_size parameter must be in bytes.

If your database is 11g, you may want to read the below article.

How To Create Oracle RAC Database Using DBCA(Database Configuration Assistant) Silent Mode


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