How To Move a Data File From an ASM Disk Group to Another Disk Group

If a data file in the ASM disk group does not belong to the system tablespace, it is possible to move it to a different disk group or to a different directory in the same disk group when the database is open.

In order to move to a different directory in the same disk group, the db_unique_name parameter of the database must be changed as the new directory. Current disk group should be specified as the destination disk group. This article describes the steps to move to a data file to different disk group.

Specify the name of the datafile

Take datafile offline to move

Copy via RMAN

Copy process creates the file with a different name. Therefore, the corresponding dafafile name must be changed. The datafile name can be changed as follows. When rename is done, the old file will be automatically deleted from the ASM disk group. You can see the deletion in the Alert.log.

Recover New Data File

The new file needs to be recovered.

Take New Data File Online

When we check, the new file name will appear with the current datafile number.

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