Configure Automatic Shared Memory Management in Oracle

To learn the Automatic Shared Memory Management, read the article titled “Oracle Memory Components(SGA and PGA)“.

For databases that do not use Automatic Shared Memory Management, ASMM(Automatic Shared Memory Management) configuration can be performed later. To perform this, it is necessary to change the required parameters and restart the database.

To use the huge page on the database side, ASMM or manual memory management is required. The Huge page will not be available when Automatic Memory Management is active.

Parameter Change

If Automatic Memory Management is used in the database, reset the memory_max_target and memory_target parameters as follows.

Configure ASMM

You can set the necessary parameters for ASMM as follows.

When changing parameters in RAC systems, sid = ‘*’ must be added to the end.

The database needs to be restarted after you change the parameter.

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