diskgroup is not compatible for database usage

While creating a database with DBCA, when “General_Purpose” template is selected, this error is received because the “compatible” parameter in the template is lower than the database_compatibility value of the existing disk groups.

The database_compatibility value of the ASM disk group to be used by the database must be less than or equal to the compatible value of the database.

You can see the compatibility values of disk groups as follows.

To solve the error, it is necessary to change the compatible parameter in the corresponding template.

Templates that DBCA can use are in the “$ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/emplates” directory. Modify the compatible value in the General_Purpose.dbc file in this directory to be greater than or equal to the database_compatibility of your disk groups.

You must change the following line in the General_Purpose.dbc file.

Then restart the dbca. It will work successfully.

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