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Setting Thresholds for metrics on Exadata Database Servers Using DBMCLI

On Exadata database servers, it is also possible to set thresholds for metrics and send notifications when they reach these threshold values.

With DBMCLI, we can display the defined metrics in the compute nodes and the current values ​​of the metrics as follows.

We can query whether there are threshold values for the defined metrics as follows.

According to the output above, when the metrics DS_FSUM and DS_MEMUT reach 70%, warning will be generated and critical status will occur when it reaches 90%. When the threshold values are reached, the following records will be created in alerthistory and e-mail alerts will be sent if smtp settings have been set via dmcli.

You can set a new threshold value below. In the example, when the usage rate in the file system reaches 50%, the warning will be generated, and the critical situation will occur when it reaches 90%.

To change the defined threshold value:

You can see the changes as follows.

The threshold values can be set for all defined metrics.



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