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ORA-01017: invalid username/password error received during connection to standby database

Even if the password (orapwSID) file in the primary database is copied to the standby database side and the you can connect to the primary database using current password, you can receive this error when you try to connect to the standby database with the current password. The reason for the error is that the password file becomes stale when connected with sqlplus as sysdba. When you create this file manually on both sides, the connection will be provided without problems.

The error received when connecting to the standby database on the primary database server is as follows.

In this case, it is necessary to recreate the password file on the primary and standby(target/auxiliary) database server as follows. The file name must be specified appropriately for the database SID. It is “SID = ORCL” in the following example.

Then you can connect to standby with current password successfully.

If you continue to have problems, restart the listener service on the target side.


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