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Enable Trace For a Session in Oracle

You may need to enable trace for a session for many reasons. For example, you may need to determine which queries run in a session.

You can enable trace for a session with the DBMS_MONITOR.session_trace_enable procedure. Use of the procedure and the parameters it passes are as follows.


Enable Trace

The following command can be used to start trace for a session with session id 1153.

If “binds => TRUE” is not specified, the variables used during the session will not be written. Therefore, “binds => TRUE” must be specified.

Trace Directory Information

We can find the trace directory information with the following query.

Disable Trace

We can use the DBMS_MONITOR.SESSION_TRACE_DISABLE procedure to disable the trace process.

We can disable the trace we have enabled as follows.

Read Trace File

The contents of the trace file will be as follows.


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