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Exadata – Disk Scrubbing Feature

Disk scrubbing exists on Exadata cell nodes to automatically repair the failed sector of the disk when the system is idle without compromising system performance. It tries to repair bad sectors on the disk by working periodically when the disks are idle. If the bad sector rate on the disk has increased, you can shorten the disk scrubbing interval.

You can find information about disk scrubbing activity with the help of the following commands.

Is Disk Scrub Activity Enabled on the Exadata Cell Node?

Has the Disk Scrub started on the Exadata Cell node?

If the information in the $CELLTRACE/alert.log file on Cellnode is as follows, the process has started and completed.

The cell alert log file will contain the following statements.

=> When Scrubbing starts

=> When Scrubbing is finished

In addition, if there is an active scrub on the grid disk when the grid disks are checked, the status of the grid disk will appear as “active – scrub resilvering working”.

Check Disk Scrub Schedule

Note: biweekly is the default value and means once every two weeks. You can also set it as daily or weekly.

Change Disk Scrub Schedule




Disable Disk Scrub

Start Disk Scrub process at a specific date and time


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