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Diagsnap in Oracle 12c

What is Diagsnap in Oracle 12c

Diagsnap is a new feature introduced in GI, which manages the diagsnap resource, which collects additional operating system statistics that are not normally collected by CHM (Cluster Health Monitor) osysmod.

Diagsnap metric collection automatically runs every 15 minutes to collect baseline metrics.

Which events trigger Diagsnap?

  • if cssd process reports missing network heartbeats
  • if one or more interfaces of the gipcd process are down
  • if the rank events of the gipcd process occur

Diagsnap runs the following operating system commands

  • iostat
  • netstat
  • lsof {gipcd pid | ocssd pid | ocssd pid | crsd pid | ohasd pid}
  • arp
  • ifconfig
  • ping (over private interconnect)
  • tcpdump
  • top

Where is Diagsnap Logs in 12c?

The diagsnap logs are located in the $ORACLE_BASE/diagsnap directory for 12.1 and

Where is Diagsnap Logs in 18c?

The diagsnap logs are located in the $ORACLE_BASE/crsdata/crf/diagsnap directory for 18.1 and later.

How To Read Diagsnap Logs?

You can read the diagsnap logs as below.

It is possible to disable and enable Diagsnap.

How To Enable Diagsnap

How To Disable Diagsnap

How To Check Whether the Diagsnap is Disabled or Enabled?


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