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The table ‘X’ is full error in MySQL

In MySQL NDB Cluster databases, when the data memory is full, “The table is full” error occurs in all operations in the tables. To resolve this error, increase the value of the DataMemory and IndexMemory parameters, turn off services on all nodes from the NDB management server, and load the new configuration with “ndb_mgmd –reload” and start the related services.


You will see errors in the MySQL error log file as follows.

Query Memory Usage in MySQL Nodes

You can view the memory usage in nodes with the following command.

Chage DataMemory and IndexMemory Parameters in MySQL

The Mysql Cluster configuration file is “/var/lib/mysql-cluster/config.ini”. It is necessary to change the following parameters in this file.

DataMemory = 8192M # Memory allocate for data storage
IndexMemory = 1024M # Memory allocate for index storage

Then shut down all nodes, start the Management Server service and start the ndb and mysql services.

Shut Down MySQL Nodes:

Start Management Server Service

Finally start ndb and mysql services.


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