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What tasks remain for the DBAs After Oracle Autonomous Database(19c)?

These are the tasks for which DBAs required in a database industry.

  • Defining the database architecture
  • Creating data models
  • Integrating new data sources
  • Tuning business applications
  • Managing security configurations
  • Orchestrating a smooth transition to the cloud

Apart from these tasks DBAs importance for business users. Because business users will continue to look to DBAs to keep track of where the data resides, what it represents, and which users and applications can access it.

Smart DBAs always ready for adapt to new change, anticipate opportunities, and update their skills.

The Past: IT professionals manually managed information systems.

  • Manual configuration
  • Manual monitoring
  • Manual management
  • Manual scaling
  • Manual systems management

The Future: Autonomous software monitors and manages information systems automatically.

  • Automatic configuration
  • Automatic scaling
  • Automatic systems management
  • Automatic tuning
  • Automatic predictions to prevent and avoid problems


If DBAs are not learning new things, not updating their skills and not doing Certifications.

Maybe they will lose the job.


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  1. Hi Ahmed,
    Very interesting article for Oracle DBA future.You concluded that they need to update their skills. What skills need to update what will be the expiry for that skills.what all the certifications they need to do to sustain in the market for next 10years.
    Please reply back. Thanking You!!!


  2. Hi ahamd
    I need your advise , currently working as DBA but if once autonomous database coming they DBA jobs will be unders risk stage,so I want know clarification on that is they really DBA jobs loss due to autonomous an d what we need to update skills to continue as DBA with out change any nee technology? Could you please advise me


    Very good!

  4. Great Ahmed brother

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