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Oracle Autonomous Database Will Diminish DBAs Job? (Yes Or No)

Oracle Autonomous Database is the world’s only data management system to automatically patch, upgrade, and tune itself. It handles routine database maintenance tasks while the system is running—without human intervention.

With autonomous database (19c), the role of the DBA is becoming more strategic.

The routine administrative and infrastructure tasks of the Database Administrator such as

These tasks are being automated through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Some database administrators (DBAs) may be uneasy about these changes into their traditional administrative task. But many database administrators (DBAs) see the potential to liberate themselves from routine maintenance tasks.

There are ways to enhance your career, get in front of this rising wave of automation and learn to spearhead new things.


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  1. How AI and Machine learning is going to useful in DBA life. Are you going provide any course on it , if yes please let me know the fee details and course content. Thanks in advance.

  2. Does the clients immediately accepts oracle 19c I think they cannot due to lot of dependencies..

    I see oracle DBAs can survive another 4 to 5 years in markket..

    But it’s good to know and learn how AI and ML will perform DBA tasks…

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