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What is Natively Compiled Scalar User-Defined Function(Udf)?

We are able to create Scalar User-Defined Function in SQL Server 2016 for Memory Optimized tables. For In Memory OLTP and Memory Optimized Tables, I recommend that you read “In Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017“.

The TSQL codes in the Natively Compiled Scalar User-Defined Function are converted to native code for better performance.

In our previous article, we said that Memory Optimized Tables are 5-30 times better in performance than Disk Based Tables. When we use Memory Optimized Tables together with the Natively Compiled Stored Procedure and the Natively Compiled Scalar User-Defined Function, the difference is even greater. I suggest you test it to see its speed. You can find the necessary code to create natively compiled scalar user-defined function below.

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Create Natively Compiled Scalar User-Defined Function

Execute Natively Compiled Scalar User-Defined Function


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