Sunday , September 24 2023

“gc buffer busy acquire” Wait Event in AUD$ insert operations

Because the segment space management of the tablespace of the AUD$ and FGA_LOG$ tables is not automatic, a “gc buffer busy acquire” wait event can be seen during database connections.

In this case, the AUD$ and FGA_LOG$ tables must be moved to a tablespace with automatic segment space management or, the AUD$ table truncated.

Find the Cause of the gc buffer busy acquire

You can find the operation that caused the wait event with the following query.

As you can see, the object with the highest count value from the records in the result set is AUD$.

In this case, the tablespaces of the AUD $ and FGA_LOG $ tables need to be moved to new tablespace.

You can use the following article to move the tablespace of the AUD$ and FGA_LOG$ tables.

“How To Move AUD$ and FGA_LOG$ to a Different Tablespace”


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