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How To Create Basic Availability Group in SQL Server Standart Edition

What is Basic Availability Groups?

As of SQL Server 2016, we can create Always ON Availability Groups in Standard Edition with some limitations. You should read the article  “SQL Server Always ON Availability Group”  to learn detailed information about Always On Availaibility Groups.

You can create Basic Availability Groups for a single database, as in Database Mirroring technology, and support only 1 replica. You may want to read the article “Database Mirroring On SQL Server”

We can create Basic Availability Groups in the same way that we create the Availability Groups in the Enterprise Edition.

Basic Availability Group Limitations

  1. We can only create for 1 database. We cannot include more than 1 database into an availability group.
  2. It supports only 2 replica.(primary and secondary)
  3. It can run in synchronous-commit or asynchronous-commit mode as in Enterprise Edition.
  4. We can not enable read from secondary database. In Enterprise Edition we can enable read from secondary database. You may want to read the article “Readable Secondary On SQL Server Always On Availability Group”
  5. We cannot check consistency with DBCC CHECKDB in the secondary database. You can find details about DBCC CHECKDB in the article “DBCC CHECKDB Command On SQL Server”.
  6. We cannot upgrade Basic Availability Groups to Advanced Availability Groups in Enterprise Edition.
  7. Basic Availability Groups cannot be part of Distributed Availability Groups.
  8. We can not create through SSMS with SQL Server 2016. You can create a Basic Availability Group by using the TSQL script in the following link with the WITH BASIC command.


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