Thursday , June 8 2023

How To Convert A Non-Partitioned Table To Partitioned Table Online in Oracle Using DBMS_REDEFINITION

With the DBMS_REDEFINITION package in the Oracle database, it is possible to modify the structure of the tables online. We can convert a non-partitioned table online into a partitioned structure with DBMS_REDEFINITION. The process steps will be as follows.

The following example specifies the steps required to convert a non-partitioned DEMO1 table to a partitioned DEMO table.

Primary key must be present in the table.

Create a non-partitioned table

Let’s create the table we want to partition with primary key.

Create a partitioned table

Check if online redefinition is possible for the table

Start the necessary process

Synchronize data in tables

Complete the Process

Check Table is Partitioned


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