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Oracle Net Services

Introducing Oracle Net Services

Oracle Net services are often used to enable network connections for applications or different clients to connect to databases. Allows connection between different databases. Provides additional net services to be configured to access external code libraries. (EXTPROC)

External procedures are functions written in 3rd generation languages ​​(eg C) that are called with PL / SQL or SQL codes. There are net services that provide access to these procedures.

It provides access to different databases (eg Sybase) from Oracle databases through Oracle heterogeneous services.

Oracle Net Networking Components

Oracle Net

It is necessary software to create network session between Oracle database server and client applications. After a network session created, Oracle Net acts as the data transmitter between the client and the database.

Oracle Net Listener

Listener is an active process running on a database server, listening for connection requests from clients, managing traffic to the database server. Listener configurations can be done via Enterprise Manager Cloud Control or Oracle Net Manager (netmgr).

Oracle Net Manager

This Is the Oracle Net tool used to configure local clients or Oracle Net services in any Oracle home. It can be accessed with netmgr in Linux environments and with Programs -> Oracle Home -> Configuration and Migration Tools -> Net Manager in windows environments.

Oracle Connection Manager

This is a proxy server that forwards connection requests to databases or other proxy servers. Works at session level. It is usually located on a separate computer from the database server and the client computer. Its main task is session replication and access control.

Oracle Net Configuration Assistant

Used to configure simple network components. It is started with the command netca. This is used to configure the following components.

  • Listener names and protocol addresses
  • Naming methods
  • Net service names
  • Directory server usage

In addition, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and Listener Control Utility (lsnrctl) can be used to manage Oracle Net services.


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