Monday , December 5 2022

How To Check Whether ARCHIVE Logs are transferred to Standby Database

Whether the ARCHIVE Logs are transferred to Standby can be seen from the ALERT LOGs as follows.

After the archives are created, sometimes writing to Standby Redo logs cannot begin.

After a while, the following error appears in the ALERT LOG.

This can also be seen in the following screenshot. Although the archive of sequence 105672 has been created, the DEST_ID is not visible. In other words, writing to Standby Redos cannot be started.

A similar situation can be seen on the following screen. Although it was 16:47, writing to standby redos has not started yet. However, the archives were created in PROD at 16:32 and 16:45.

While these situations occur, the system’s active connection graph is as follows.

ALERT LOG has the following information.

Author: Onur ARDAHANLI


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