What is Oracle SQL Plus and SQL Plus Usage

This article contains information about Oracle SQL Plus tool.

What is Oracle SQL Plus?

SQL Plus is a tool for managing the database management system in the command interpreter. When we install Oracle database management system, we can use SQL Plus tool without any further installation.

SQL Plus Usage

To use the SQLPlus tool, simply type the following command into the operating system command interpreter.

SQL Plus with Docker

The following command is used to use the SQL Plus tool with Docker.

Connect Database with SQL Plus

You can connect to the database using the connect command from the SQLPlus tool.

Connect Oracle Database With SQL Plus As SYSDBA

Check Connection in SQLPlus

The show user command is used to check the connection.

SQLPlus Disconnect From Database

The disconnect command is used to close the connection.

Clear Screen SQLPlus

The clear screen command is used to clear the screen.

List queries written in SQLPlus

The list command is used to list queries written in SQL Plus.

Clear Buffer in SQLPlus

The clear buffer and del command are used to delete previously written commands.

Clear a Specific Command in SQL Plus History

To delete only a specific command, use the “del number” command. You can read the article “SQL Plus History” to find the number of the query. Also you can find the details about clearing all commands in SQL Plus History in this article.

Append and input Commands in SQLPlus

The append and input command is used to append to the SQL query.

Change Command in SQLPlus

The change command is used to change the SQL query.

Save query to file in SQLPlus

The save command is used to save SQL commands.

Save query result to file in SQLPlus

The spool command is used to save SQL commands and their results to a file.

SQLPlus run sql file

Get, start, @ is used to get the SQL commands in the file.

Host Command in SQLPlus

The host command is used to switch from the SQLPlus command line to the operating system command line.

Temp Variable in SQLPLus

The ampersand (&) sign is used to use a temporary variable in SQL queries.

The SET command is used to change the variable mark.

SQLPlus User Friendly Result

You can use below command to see results user friendly.

Get Information About Commands in SQLPlus

The help command is used to get information about the commands.

Although the SQL Plus tool that we can use with Oracle installation is flexible compared to the tools in other database management systems, the use of tools such as APEX, Oracle SQL Developer will be useful against possible errors.

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