How to Drop Database in Oracle 19c and Uninstall the Oracle 19C Binaries in Windows Os

This article contains information about dropping database in Oracle 19c and unistalling Oracle 19C binaries in Windows.

STEP1 : Connect As SYSDBA

STEP 2: Shut Down The Database

Step 3: Startup the DB in MOUNT Restrict Mode

STEP 4 : Drop The Database

Now You Can Start Installing the Oracle 19c binaries as shown below :-

STEP1 :-Select The Universal Installer from the Oracle Installed Products
Step 2:- Click On Deinstall Products
Step 3:- Select the Oracle Home needs to be deleted as shown in the above picture and click Remove
Step 4:- Deinstall of Oracle 19c Binaries Started
Step 5:-Finally The Oracle 19C Binaries are Deinstalled From the System