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Oracle Data Safe

What is Oracle Data Safe?

Oracle Data safe is a product designed for the Oracle database on your environment or within the cloud. In this article, we will examine the wonderful unified control software Oracle Data Safe, which will help you understand the sensitivity of the data you have, make security checks and evaluate the risks associated with this data.

Oracle Data safe basically helps you manage the data in your database securely. In addition, it has the following features;

Oracle Data Safe Features

  • We can rate whether your database is configured securely or not.
  • We can make comparisons according to security technical implementation rules. And accordingly, we can review the risks based on the recommendations.
  • We can see the critical user roles, privileges and potential risks these users pose.
  • We can observe unusual behaviors with the policies we create.
  • We can mask and report your sensitive data in more than 50 formats.

Thanks to the main features mentioned above, compliance with regulations such as KVKK and GPDP can be achieved.

A corporate database can contain large amounts of personal data, which automatically becomes a target for malicious users. Obviously, it is necessary to know exactly where to look in order to prevent such attacks.

With Oracle Data Safe, we can control access to sensitive data in 5 steps.

  • Security Assessment
  • User Assessment
  • Activity Auditing
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Masking

Security Assessment

Security Assessment helps you to find out if there is any security vulnerability in the database. So to speak, we can take an x-ray of the database by scoring with Automatic tools.

User Assessment

This feature includes user evaluation and monitoring capabilities. In this way, you can examine the risk status of current users and see their roles and privileges.

Activity Auditing

With Activity Auditing, we can see user activities on the database. For example, we can examine a parameter change, successful or unsuccessful session attempts and authorization changes from here.

Data Discovery

There can be multiple development teams and multiple databases in an institutional structure. In such structures, it automatically becomes difficult to control sensitive data. With data discovery, you can control all sensitive data defined from a single point.

Data Masking

It is a feature that we can mask as its name implies. We can mask data in more than 50 different formats.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Oracle Data Safe Supported Versions

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition versions and above
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition versions and above
  • Autonomous Database (both shared and dedicated)
  • Exadata Cloud Service
  • Cloud Database System – Standard Edition
  • Cloud Database System – Enterprise Edition
  • Cloud Database System – High Performance
  • Cloud Database System – Extreme Performance
  • Exadata Cloud at Customer versions and above
  • Oracle Database Appliance versions and above
  • Exadata versions 11.2 and above

This product, which I recommend especially on the Cloud, is really a savior in today’s security conditions. If you want to try it, you can take advantage of free credit by taking an Oracle Cloud membership, even with your personal account.

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