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PostgreSQL 13 New Features

In today’s article, we’ll explore PostgreSQL 13 Innovations.

After PostgreSQL 13 became realese recently, some features came and some features were changed. If you plan to upgrade to PostgreSQL 13, I recommend that you learn fully and completely what features have changed, because with the new version, some old features can be disabled, some features are changed, and the names of some frequently used parameters can be changed.

In this article, I will talk about new features with PostgreSQL 13 for those who are considering a version change and want to try new features.

Increased performance and reduced disk space cost in B-Tree indexes.

Performance improvement in partition tables.

parallel vacuum.

Incremental Sorting.

We provide better performance by generating statistics on IN / ANY / OR usage.

Partition tables support BEFORE row-level triggers.

Creating UUID value with the help of gen_random_uuid() function without using the uuid-ossp extension.

By adding the –jobs parameter to reindexdb, the indexes can be rebuild in parallel, but I recommend you to consider the max_connection number while shortening this process time.

Added trusted extension concept.

Added pg_verifybackup command.

With the command pg_dump, –include-foreign-data, the output of fdwler is provided.

The ssl password parameter has been added, which allows entering a password for those using TLS certificates.

Postgres_fdw is now configurable to attach to other databases without the need for a password.

Those running postgresql on Windows will now be able to connect with UNIX sockets.

pg_basebackup –write_recovery_conf option

Added polymorphic data types.(anycompatible, anycompatiblearray, anycompatiblenonarray, anycompatiblerange)

\dAc, \dAf, \dAo, and \dAp for psql. added commands.

The “-f” parameter has been added to the DROPDB command to reduce the connections on it.

If you want to install postgresql 13 to try these features.

You can use my article.


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